postman essay in english for all class student

Postman Essay For All Classes|10 Line Postman Essay|Paragraph

10 line Postman Essay: You must read these statements before starting the essay. I am going to write the essay here on the postman and this essay will be written in many ways. The first essay written will be suitable for student of classes 8 to 10.Second essay will be suitable for children of classes 6 to 8. Here i am including a short paragraph on the Postman also. Student of lower classes like 3,4 and 5 prefers only 10 line of essay on postman. So here we included that also.

postman essay in english for all class student

Postman Essay For Class 9 to 10

Introduction: The importance of news in our society.

Body: The postman brings news he connects us with the outside world-each person gets the news he awaits for a postman does his duty sincerely however there are some black sheep.

Conclusion: The postman deserves all our sympathies and cooperation.

News is the most eagerly waited commodity in our world. The news than could be about the world, the country or of our own family and friends. Radio, television, newspapers give us the latest information about what is happening around the globe everyday. But what about news from our family and friends ? It is provided by the medium of letters, telegrams, parcels and money orders.

The person who brings them to us bicycles. In every case they have to work very hard. They have to keep moving to earn their daily bread. Street hawkers can also be called mobile shops. They sell many different kinds of things. These things could be vegetables, cloth, utensils, items of everyday use, toys, bangles, objects of decoration, etc. But most of the time they sell objects that are liked by women and children.

These hawkers are very clever. They cry their goods in a very charming manner. They understand the psychology of a person. They are very efficient in spotting a potential buyer from afar. They persuade the person in a very sweet manner to buy their goods. Some of them are true street poets. They make up verses praising their goods. People usually get taken in by their loud claims and buy their products. They are not only walking shops but also moving advertisements.

Street hawkers are essential for those societies where most of the women stay inside their houses. They bring to the door steps various things needed in the houses every day. They also save us many journeys to the markets. Most of us have got so used to them that in the absence of the hawkers we feel very lost.

Vocabulary: Integral-inherent, important. Strategic- advantageous. Verses-poetry.

Read: What is essay writing and type of essays.

Postman Essay For Class 6 to 8

A postman is a useful public servant. He wears a khaki uniform. He carries letters, parcels and sometimes telegrams. He is usually seen by the residents of his area at fixed hours. People wait for him eagerly for their expected dak.

The duty of a postman is very hard. He must deliver the dak whether it is sunshine or a rainy day. Most of the time he has to walk on foot or by a bicycle. Postman collects letters and parcels from his post office. He puts them in the order of his distribution pattern.

He is liked by everybody. He brings letters from our relatives. He brings news of joy for some of us and bad for others. It is his duty. He is often rewarded for bringing good news.

To the people, he is a symbol of duty. He is regular and punctual. He performs his duty under all circumstances, natural or unnatural. He sometimes reads out letters to illiterates or old people. He is a link between us and our relatives and friends. He is known for his regularity, punctuality and dutifulness. He is a friend and guide to rural people. He should be paid better pay. After retirement he gets a small pension.

Short Paragraph On Postman

A postman ts a public servant. He wears a Khaki uniform, collects letters and delivers them to the addressees. He is regular and punctual. He is honest. He performs his duty in all weathers, good or bad. He ts often searched for good news and hated for bad. To the people he is a symbol of duty, punctuality and hard work. Sometimes he reads out letters to illiterate people. He is a friend and guide to the rural people. ‘He gets small pay for his work. He is given small pension after retirement.

10 line Essay On Postman

  1. Postman is a important and useful government servant.
  2. Usually Postman wears Khaki Uniform in india.
  3. Postman carries letters, parcels and money orders.
  4. He collects letters and parcels from his post office.
  5. He comes by bicycle and sometime with Motorcycle.
  6. Postman is a symbol of duty.
  7. The duty of a postman is very hard
  8. He brings news of joy or sorrow.
  9. He is a link between us and our relatives and friends.
  10. He is liked by everybody.
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