Essay writing in english

Learn Essay Writing | Types Of Essay In English

So you want to learn “How to write an essay” and what are the important rules while on essay writing. Today we will learn how should we write an essay in correct way and how many type of essays are.

Essay writing in english

Introduction to Essay Writing

The aim of writing an essay is to discuss in detail all the aspects of a thought. This communication should be in the simplest and clearest language. This can only happen if the writer is very clear in his mind about the topic on which he wishes to write. It would be completely amateurish to think that a vague idea will develop into a crisp essay with the clever use of words. An essay writer should therefore define and re-define his thoughts till they become clear as a crystal. It is only then that he should make an attempt to formulate them into an essay.

Style of Writing

A good style of writing is always backed up by a clear conception of thoughts and ideas. An essay should make an impact. This happen when the writer uses less number of words to create a complete picture of the idea in the mind of the reader. In other words, it is considered t be high style if a sentence, paragraph and an essay communicates more about the subject with less number of words.

A good write obtains this by competently reducing the number a words to form a meaningful expression. It is therefore not surprising that a good writer continuously revises his work. By doing so he reject superfluity and emphasizes important ideas. Economy in the use of the words is essential. In other words, an essay should always be i accordance with a rule of literary art which says ‘Reject all that is useless so as to stress all that is useful.

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Division into Sentences

Sentences are the units of literary composition. A meaningful group of sentences is called a paragraph. A sentence should express only one thought or fact. Do not try to compress two or more ideas into one sentence. This will make your sentence loose and unimpressive.

Division into Paragraphs

Each subject should be dealt within totality. This means dividing a subject into important sub-heads or divisions. The discussion in the essay should flow under these divisions. Each of these divisions form a paragraph and a sub-paragraph. The arguments and the prepositions in these paragraphs though independent are at the same time part of the complete essay.

Many writers make the mistake of writing at random, this should be avoided at all costs. It is always better to first formulate a draft of the essay so that all the thoughts and arguments relating to that subject can be put down on the paper and arranged in a logical sequence of ideas. It makes a composition attractive to read.

Paragraph Length

The length of the paragraph depends upon the importance of the idea under discussion and its relation to the whole essay. An important idea must be discussed elaborately. Do not over look the value of proportion in relation to the importance of the point being discussed.

However if instructions are given to conclude the essay in a certain number of words, you must abide by the instructions, without in any way sacrificing the simplicity, clarity, sequence and proportions of the arguments.

Simplicity of Expression

Simple and easy words should be used to express an idea. Verbose language, high sounding phrases, and circumlocuting expressions. It is false to labour under the impression that using complex and idiomatic language, makes a composition appear more dignified.

Grammatical Correctness

This is the most important aspect of the composition. Nearly all the young essay writers stumble here.

The sentences should be grammatically correct. This can be achieved by carefully studying and understanding the grammatical rules. The most common mistake, which is made by the students, is the usage of wrong tense. For example it is incorrect to say ‘I have eaten the medicine yesterday’. The correct way of saying it is ‘I ate the medicine yesterday’. The mistake here was the application of present perfect tense to an action finished in the past.

Another mistake which is frequently made is the mixing up of the sequence of tenses. While writing a composition students frequently forget that the tense of the Principal clause must be the same for the dependent clause, until and unless the sentence is not expressing a universal truth.

Punctuation and Spellings

Care should be taken about the correctness of punctuation and spellings in a.composition. Many good essays are spoiled because of incorrect spellings and bad punctuation marks. Care should also be taken to write neatly and legibly. This creates a good impression on the exanuner.

Type Of Essays

Essays can be broadly divided into three classes :

  1. Narrative essays
  2. Descriptive essays
  3. Reflective essays

Narrative Essays

When a description and personal accounts of events or sequences of events is given in a narrative format, it is called a narrative essay. Historical accounts, stories and biographical compositions, etc. come under this head.

Descriptive Essays

When a composition describes a person, place or thing, it is said to be a descriptive essay. Such essays are an account of the attributes and characteristics of the subject.

Reflective Essays

Discussions on abstract topics like truthfulness, honesty, character, emotions, etc. , make a reflective essay. In such essays a writer has a chance to express his thoughts and feelings about the subject.

This division is however not binding. Each type of essay may contain portions of the other two. Inception of such qualities only serves to enhance the flow and the impact of the essay. Yet in the zeal of making an essay interesting, flow of the essay should not be compromised. Similarly such inceptions should be in keeping with the theme of the essay and should be strictly confined to the points that are being discussed.

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